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Chers clients,

Nous vous serions reconnaissants de nous faire connaître votre opinion sur notre pension et nos services. Nous tiendrons compte de vos commentaires, critiques et suggestions pour vous offrir un séjour encore plus agréable dans le futur.

La famille Fábián

Extraits du Livre d'Or


Marisol Ponte-Greenberg

Dear Zsuzsa, Noemi and Orsi I really enjoyed staying at the Fabian Panzio Guesthouse. This is such a quiet and peaceful place that I want to come back soon. I loved your garden, your breakfast and how wonderful, helpful  and caring you were with all of us. Thanks so much for a Fantastic Stay. All the best,

Susan Kwok

Dear everyone in Fabian! Thanks a lot for such a warm and kind hospitality during my 3-week stay here in Kecskemet. Your place was so cosy that it made me feel like at home. Best wishes 

Kevin & Larisa

Hi all, Thanks for a great time here in Kecskemét. We have really enjoyed our honeymoon in your lovely panzio. Everyone here has been friendly and helpful and have tried their best to make our stay as pleasant relaxing as possible. Thanks,


Dear Zsuzsa, Noemi and Orsi My parents stay here many years ago when I was a student at the Kodály Institute, so it was a „nostalgic stay”. Zsuzsa – thank you so much for the interesting things you told us – we are starting a nonsugar diet – so next time we meet we (I mean me) shall be much more healthy and slimline. We enjoyed our stay here very much.

Petra és Sven Belgium

Dear Fábián Family, We were pleasantlysurprised by your wonderful hospitality! The „Lonely Planet” guide was right, this is absolutely the best place to stay. Everything was just amazing: from the cosy room to the very friendly and helpful staff and the delicious breakfast. We had the smallest rrom, but is was still very cosy and decorated with the greatest eye for detail. We absolutely loved our stay here and we hope to return in the future. Köszönet mindenért, nagyon kellemes volt!

Rebecca Kirby Scarborough, England

Thank you for a lovely stay. Everyone was so friendly & helpful. My book – The Rough Guide was right, and about the apricot jam too! Delicious breakfast, cosy room + thanks for organising my riding trip for me!

Tracy & Jason Herrmann Gahanne, Ohio, USA

Thank you for a most pleasnt stay here in Kecskemét. We have enjoyed our stay – very quiet and peaceful. Breakfast was great and the staff was so kind and helpful. Thank you for helping us with our train and hotel reservation. I am a previous student of the Kodály Institute and am glad to be back to visit. It has been quite nostalgic for me and great to share the sights with my husband some 15 years later! Noemi and Orsi have been so pleasant, patient and helpful. Best wishes to all of you!

Ulf Franzen+Kenneth N.

Thank you for your hospitality. Good breakfast, nice quiet rooms. We will recommend this for colleagues


This was a most enjoyable stay. The accomodations were perfect. Breakfast were perfect. Best wishes for a healthy new year.

Lisa Johnson Virginia, USA

Thank you for a wonderful & most comfortable stay! I shall recommend your guesthouse to anyone meet who is coming to Kecskemet- Merry Christmas!